monosynth orchestra
monosynth orchestra

... are playing a gig with Asimo the Honda robot!

 This Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th of April, the Monosynth Orchestra is proud to announce that we will be playing alongside Asimo the Honda robot in the McEwan Hall, Edinburgh between 9 am and 5pm!

This is part of the Science Festival in Edinburgh and is Asimo's first visit to Scotland. Please come along if you are in the area.

Bowery Show

Thanks to everyone who came to the show on Wednesday 18th at The Bowery. This was one of our best shows yet and we felt we reached a new level in terms of using a combination of beats and spaces, patterns and textures, and we played for long enough for things to really settle down and start evolving really well.

mso_bowery_2 mso_bowery_1

Personnel: Lauren Hayes, Jules Rawlinson, Sean Williams.
Kit: see below.

Live Show Tonight - Wednesday 18th March!!!

Yes, we're playing at The Bowery in Edinburgh, kicking out the Jamms at about 8pm. We're on first, so don't be late or you will be mightily disappointed.

Featuring Lauren Hayes and her new Italian friend Jen SX-1000, Jules Rawlinson and his sonorous suitcase of synthesis, and Sean Williams with the TH-48 and ancient and esoteric and Hintonesque Yggradsil ML-1000.

Don't be late!

MSO play Morton Subotnik's Sidewinder

Short edit using live visual projected by Henrik Ekeus during the performance.

The Monosynth Orchestra was founded in Edinburgh in 2007 by Sean Williams and Jules Rawlinson. Initially a free improvisation trio using analogue monophonic synthesizers, the orchestra recently performed a seminal piece of electronic music written and recorded by Morton Subotnik in 1971 entitled Sidewinder at The Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh as part of the Soundings Sonic Arts festival.

We're constantly developing better performance strategies and continue to perform regularly. We don't use keyboards if we can help it, after all, why would you want to pretend a synth is a piano?

We are happy to consider commissions to perform any electronic piece from the repertoire, but since our monophonic limitations or not at all strict, our range is very wide.

Members include:

The Monosynth Orchestra Strikes Back

Live at the Forest Cafe, Edinburgh on 22nd May 2008.
Track title: Vader And The Snowtroopers


Sean Williams

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